somewhere would be something else now

sponge said, i can see we’re getting there, but never told us where. if he had said, we’re getting somewhere, the nagging question wouldn’t be one, it wouldn’t be at all. we all need our targets set firmly. a man once went around the world, his target set firmly before him. when he came back to his village he was a much happier man but they didn’t really recognise him so he left again and nobody heard of him again. he was a plumber by trade.

all the sunshine now and never

all the sunshine now, the man said, folded his umbrella and threw it away. just like that. how wet he got then in the rain. we laughed. it was a quiet afternoon then, later. nobody said much, to be honest, after that; there’s no denying it.
i remember well, says sponge, although i’d almost forgotten. a rainy day.

the bit between now and then

yes. a sudden. great now and in a sudden small and crushed. the sudden certainly makes the difference, said sponge. he also said, he didn’t think a phonecall would be necessary but that’s a different matter all together.

and now an announcement

i’ve got something to say, said sponge, but it is nothing that can be said easily.
you better think it through then, said breadroll.
you have a point there, said sponge. i don’t think i have a lot to say for myself.
every bit counts, said breadroll.

storyline every now and then a concern

a story we are suppose to tell, said sponge aren’t we. alas the idea did not attract too much support. what d’you need a story for the man said, and feck was the general public’s response. bread and games and fun and sweets is what the general public likes and craves and the general’s will shall be an order; after all we might as well ditch the whole campaign if we weren’t to achieve some brassed medal.

just to say something would not help now

q: and, i believe, the soldiers’ arrival was not helpful either for your attempts to leave this very corner?
a: noe, not at all.
q: i see. fnnnnn. —— i hate those breaks, too, you know. not very helpful you know.
a: i know. those breaks. nothing to say for yourself, you close your eyes and when you open those googles of yours again there is still nothing to say, not a spark.
lights on but seemingly nobody there, said breadroll.

as he said and now

how do we go from there, said sponge and breadroll was happy to reply: around the corner.
are you sure, said sponge, that it is that easy.
as easy as that, said breadroll, i was able to break our speech pattern.
true, said sponge, let’s go.
they moved.

and now what now they said

and now? what now, they said. quietness. all seemed confused, no moves. i thought we were guided, said breadroll, so why are we bored?

and now for some music in between today

today in lights of the day, i mentioned it earlier, we present sponge of breadroll, sponge and block of wood with our queries. but now for some music in between today.
[some music you can imagine]
tough, said breadroll, i’d love to show my bit now and say it.
that, said block of wood, would be. he leaves us guessing.

now he is being asked and he is happy

i thought you’d never ask, said sponge, well initially i thought we should have tea again but we did that anyway, surprisingly, and then i thought it would be better to settle the thing with the fat lady, woman i should say, but she seems to be gone so that not an option so i thought it would be good to mess up the words in a sentence a bit to rattle a few cages and wake people up a bit, mil dly ton ot tos tres sth epo int to omu chchch.
he bowed.

and now: something different

you know, said sponge, one single word of disgust would have been quite sufficient. we’re talking too much anyway. too much; you see, i should not have said this. should not have spoken these words, not unauthorised.
change subject: the weather here is just amazing. wednesday the 3rd august 2005 had a reasonable amount of sunny spells, at least in dublin.

now now

now, said breadroll.
we’ve got to act, said sponge.
now, said block of wood.
they’ve caught us cold, said sponge.
with our pants down, said breadroll.
literally, herr brekst said.

where we are now

we made good progress, said breadroll, if i remember correctly.
excellent progress, said block of wood.
but how do we proceed, said sponge. is there a plan?
a memo, said breadroll.
o, said block of wood, only a memo, is it?
yes, said sponge, budget is tight.
that’s a shame, said breadroll.
i know, said sponge, but what can you do? my heads are tied in this respect.
breadroll suggested to go and find somebody with an even tighter budget and make fun at his (or her) expense to make things worse fro him (or her), however, such person was nowhere to be seen.
tight pants, would they do? no, they would not.

now let’s review this

and, the man said, i just came to look after the sheep. is she alright?
yes, fine, said sponge.
we’re all fine, said breadroll.
she just wouldn’t open, said block of wood, not for a pack of crisps while we’re waiting.
that’s something we need to address, the man said and walked away.

now really it

now. that’s really it then, is it, said sponge and smirked.


and now, said breadroll, what now?
exactly, said block of wood, what now? what can we do?
chase question marks, said sponge, perhaps?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.