for all the breadrolls of offally

the most amazing thing when the bomb blasted were the looks of utter astonishment in these faces of those lifes over right after they started.
but that was just one of many bombs that blasted on top of offally.
we had excellent lunch then in a hotel near the border where they had a bakery attached and a micro brewery.

offally is more than a memory

did you hear about offally, said sponge. he look straight ahead. they have bombed offally.
some time ago, said breadroll. was it a hate crime after all?
no, said sponge, sectarian apparently, or maybe religious. they are not sure. sectarian religionists. religious sectarities. lots of offal flying around.
no, said sponge, cultists wouldn’t be so reasonable.

offally anyway is not a criminal offence

they do show a discipline (as in: a system of rules of conduct or method of practice; “he fairly quickly learned the discipline of prison routine”; “for such a plan to work requires some discipline indeed”), they want to make sure not to appear as terrorists after being bombed so far.
the man must be around, said sponge, i don’t think he would be hanging out in a queue for any length of time. not him as being the offally bomber.

the bowel movement of offally

only a public toilet near slieve bloom was left, the only facility of that kind, and near the town of slieve bloom it was. not much was left of the town itself, the little that had been was no more, but it didn’t make much of a difference.
outside the toilet, in a long queue, a man, amongst others. surprisingly they had found they way to the town of slieve bloom considering it was off any considerable road but since it was the only place with these sort of facilities in the county it may not come as such a surprise that they all gather here; bar the one to explain all this.
really not him, said breadroll.
a shame, said sponge, we could have asked directions. if we were in offally that is.
but they weren’t there, instead lost in the middle of somewhere on the wait as usual.
as always, said block of wood with a stoney glare.

salvation is more than a naked lady from offally

all the men so far were gobshites, said block of wood, and no-one needs to comment on the fact of my recently rare appearances.
we know, said sponge, thou art the michael jackson of rare appearances although your face isn’t quite falling apart enough to hold the title forever.
that is not funny, said block of wood.
no, said breadroll, it’s not but what can we do? there is somebody writing our story and there is little we can do to influence him.
not much, said sponge, we could offer ransom or naked ladies but the would wouldn’t work as every bribe would be told. we are pretty much fictinonal characters —— at least we are not supposed to be from offally.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.