for criticism only will not do

we’ve got to go somewhere, said sponge.
pity we’re not celebrities, said breadroll, we could read in the papers how well we are doing.
pity, said sponge.
the station stretched from there to the very back, the platform that is, the actual station was spanning over platform and tracks, gun emplacements approved by the council. they would need if if a riotuos is introduced.

and that minutes take longer is only logical

that sounds classified, said sponge, but no need paranoid.
no, said breadroll. and we have moved somehow. but the minutes may take hours.
that’s a sad pun, said sponge, we should get a mascot for that.

only bits

hardly any of that time left, said sponge, a few bit, not enough to build an hour even.
that’s terrible, said block of wood.
you always say that, said sponge.
what, said breadroll.
they fade out.

a start is only as good as it gets

a start, said sponge is only as good as the innovative thoughts that drive the continuation to a successful conclusion within competitive business targets. hence we are required to include syllables in the count.
count them?
yes. count them.
are you sure.
we didn’t get any training on syllables though, said breadroll.
not recently anyway, said block of wood.
alright, said sponge, we should mention that in the next meeting. there’s definitely an update.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.