using hands to open a door

in the morning sponge put on his arms. he put on his legs then. last, the head. done. ready to go. i wonder what happens next, he said. usually something happens.something, such as a knock on the door. a knock. coming, said sponge. i’m coming. he looked around. the room looked as always. another knock. impatient. sponge when to open the door with his elbow. are these your hands, the man said. he was the janitor’s helper, surely he was, the janitor had mentioned something about taking somebody on and collected money as well. are the yours, the helper said, and presented a pair of hands. i could do with some, said sponge, they are always useful. the hands were passed on, they fitted. thanks you, said sponge and closed the door. he would be late now, he thought, had he had an appointment of sorts. he left. there is a door after all, he thought.
evening time he returned, took everything off and fell asleep.

literature to open discussion

q: and literature, the albeit whore, shall it ever be this rather murky shadowy being? or can it, may it one day step out of that, that fnnn.
a: albeit quarrels and morals about and around i shall be quite hopeful as people are nattering and shatttering today more than they used to do yesterday. and that is an achievement. we do write more these days and who knows, there might even a book come out of it one day, that what we all hope. just being famous you know.
the corner is not even, breadroll said, but his measurings could not be trusted.

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