some lives are worse than others but the stories are all the same

with a head in his hat and feet in his shoes he left the house, whistling a tune; he stopped whistling when he was hit by a breeze. that’s in short what happened in the first five minutes. then man joined the first queue he saw. people were queuing for all sorts of things, depending who you cared to ask. in the evening everyone remaining in the queue was arrested for loitering, the man decided to leave the house a bit earlier next time. due to an administrative error, however, the man was flown to an undisclosed location where he had to endure interrogation, abuse, torture, one civil war, two violent uprisings, a series of civil unrest and two general election, the second preceeded by a bloodbath during which the winning party promised to do away with all those responsible for the bloodbath, the only promise they kept after the election, which caused a third bloodbath and the survivors sent the man home. on return he joined the queue outside his house, he felt confident but was arrested again. the story gets a bit repetitive here.
is that a true story, said breadroll.
based on one, said sponge.

come to mention it a melody sounds like the other

it is impossible to describe music, yet this is precisely what would be required now, as breadroll whistled, as sponge whistled, both whistled a song. whistling they plodded along, alas, the plodding is not the subject here. let’s focus on the whistling.
can we stop whistling, said breadroll between C-sharp and E.
wait a minute, said sponge. it was a short tune.

one or the other morning

whatever the damage, it will be done, the man said and left the house. he strolled for a bit and came home again. he had a sandwich, plain, frugal. he drank coffee, water, fanta. in that order. he burped. very rude, he said to himself. cheer up, he said but he wouldn’t listen. he never does. pointless, he said. not worth the effort. he left the house. those very the highlights of the day.
another man had his hair cut, got injured, ill, died. but that is a different story.

that is no more an option than the other option

it was good, said sponge, even i find the thought revolting now when i come to think of it.
although it did happen all a bit of a sudden, said breadroll. no build up to it really. normally there is a hint of some sort. something at least. and we could have found other ways of entertainment.
i don’t think people liked it much, said sponge.
probably not, said breadroll. we do tend to labour on about things.
yea well, but are you going to do. ring in some cabaret?
phone would be outside.

to say something is sometimes harder than other times

what can i say, said sponge. people walking up and down the street, relentlessly. sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t and when they fall, they sometimes get up again to fall once more and other times they simply had it. a man went home from work once, he worked nearby in a shop, but the shop was in difficulties, he didn’t know that then, but they would let him go, without final pay, and he would have to go work somewhere else, where he couldn’t walk home anymore during lunch to see his wife, who would have left him by then as she couldn’t stand him being unemployed. he used to walk home and didn’t fall once. his wife quizzed him but he said no he didn’t fall, which was true.
i really don’t know what else to say, said sponge. not easy to make a point.

cartoons and other multimedia

we’re almost done, said sponge. fnnnnnnnn. what do you say to that? that’s annoying me now, he mutters. he punches the presenter. punch kapoww whazz thudd arrgglll whaddyarggh tchttr kashll kapowww zoing zack pow thuddz thokk. i shall feel very sorry about this tomorrow but right now i am under the influence of that marriwannabeer which apparently makes you extremly aggressive. and horny, but that is for that for the evening part when the mammies are still going and the children are in bed. fuck sake i should have said that.
tea, said block of wood.

inter and other views

today in lights of the day we present sponge of breadroll, sponge and block of wood with our queries.
q: what keeps you going all day?
a: simple things. things like the difference between ginger tea and green tea for example.
q: which is?
a: ginger tea does not contain gin but green tea is indeed green.
q: ish.
a: ish, precisely.

little something to say amongst other things

talked lots spake nods a mouthful of speech, that is that, the end otherwise. each of you, delighted now, shall rot further. the man turned and left. gone.
a bit brusk, said breadroll, people nowadays, no shame.

other things

alright, so we have a plan, said sponge, we won”t talk about it at all and that’s all there is to it.
not a word, daid breadroll.
we will not mention that we were late, said block of wood, not a fraction of a date or a time.
we talk about the weather instead.
which is not bad today if we may say so.
the three compagnions started walking in circles.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.