we continually interchange our views

the sun shone, for i like the word shone. not more to report. on with the show.
q: we know about the scenery, alright. we are well sufficiently informed about our opinion on our viewers’ lack of ignorance. however, we woould like to know more about what you’ve said to the president of the united mates when you met last month.
a: we never met after all.
q: great to hear; and what didn’t he say?
—— breadroll served a steaming pot of tea. too late, for almost everyone had gone at this point.

valueable training our cv to update

computer viruses are like obnoxious party guests, the support guy said and frowned, they show up to your pc attitude unannounced, wreck the joint, and then move the party to our friends, colleagues and important clients’ systems.
bearing this in mind i shall read the incoming mail and spot the innovation in it, said sponge. sort of thing you say. complete feedback form.

eggs and safety is our concern

eggs fill and inflate, said sponge, but no one had mentioned eggs. to be sure, he said. it did not help.

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