out of sight lest out of mind

a man, mid-fifty, respectable appearance, left the house this morning, walked down the street and turned left. out of sight.
the story goes on but they wouldn’t let us know about, said sponge, surely not, which, in turn, is something we cannot speak about. the man’s family left it very late to contact the authorities. they wasn’t much they could do, in fairness, only clean up the mess. this, they did so-so.

one way of sorting out things

they bombed offally yesterday evening, said sponge, but none of the soldiers we’ve met recently was involved.
that’s nice, said breadroll, they seemed to be nice enough lads.
nice soldiers yes. they’ve got to be if they bomb offalky or kork or kack or killkunny for that matter; who knows how the county might be called.
kick perhaps. west kick.
whatever. they didn’t bomb that bit yet.

an announcement out of courtesy

i just wanted to say, said sponge, i shouldn’t really but these soldiers are raiding this corner next week, some anti-terror safety measure apparently, and we are embedded. we are hoping to having made the move to the next cormer but that is just a hope. we’re hoping to absolutely trash the place, who knows. at least we’re not waiting for anyone.

entering into an agreement can be straight out

more brutality. less foetality. and we will come up with more hot hit words if needed. all you need to do is get your penis extended.
we’re not going to do that, said sponge, that would cause confusion.

sponge points it out

ah well, same shit different day i suppose, said sponge. sometimes life is just it. he did something. not much. it exhausted him. life sometimes is just a thing of its own.
all this was duly taken on board and subsequently approved

thinking out of the box

is it delivered?
the whole box?
all our ideas, views and rare jokes in it?
think so.
great. where’s block of wood?
still there. he thought a blokk stint would scare them.
gfreat, said sponge, so tomorrow we shall be pleased to hear him say ‘i only threatened them for the sake of it, no bad intentions, no hard feelings’.

we will drop it before we have to pull out

sponge says: whatever, should i care. sausage digested, no need for details.
block of wood had spent the last few episodes rattling gold chains and howlings yeas occationally; wearing a rucksack as a hunch.

just out of interest

when you say there was a chance, said sponge, how much of a chance is it?
fully featured, said block of wood, with bells and whistles.
what are they for, said breadroll.
to annouce whatever happened, said block of wood.
a lonely breeze whistled around the corner. that’s not it, said block of wood.

about out

it is good to be out and about again, said sponge.
breadroll agreed and so did block of wood.
as an agreement had been readhed they went on a search for the next point on the agenda.
it must be around somewhere, said sponge.

strike out

so the strike is over then, is it?
couch had packed her parcels, bulged her bags and fitted the suitcases. she was ready to go bar sponge, breadroll and block of wood sitting on her.
yep, it is over.
pretty much so.
kind of, i’d say.
they did not move.
earlier this morning sponge had said that their hats may look rather silly, but this aspect had not yet been fully discussed and considered.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.