the carnival is over

and that is where it all ends, the man said and closed the book. he maintained the smile until the cameras were off and then resorted into his usual seeking-employment, starved of love and life type of look, a subspecies of grin albeit without the jolly aspects. overrated as lowrate he felt uncomfortable. people who feel uncomfortable sport a forced smile. it is that simple. they are good sports and spare us their pain.
sponge begged to pardon but no avail. the episode was over. over. not only a breadroll is saying that. sometimes we all agree.

it was a bit over the top indeed

block of wood would not get away with it this time. all these good words now, none of them could change it. ——
an inquiry with a view of getting special consultants in at a later stage was launched to thoroughly investigate the matter before these consultants could be involved but after a shile everyone got very confused and the whole case was dropped. one agreed, however, to issue a stern warning.

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