from passion to passion people go on posters

when they had a leg of lamb, and joe said he didn’t like it and mary tried to make peace but it was too late joe had already left the place, had packed all his stuff, which wasn’t much, and left. just like that. mary followed, all the time trying to talk sense into joe. they wandered around, took it easy and did some music gigs on market places to get get some coins for food until the police came to beat the holy crap out of them and they always decided to move on, who wouldn’t, until they came in to this idyllic village, which they both liked, and that’s where they settled.
there was no mention of the leg of lamb or the lord.
or beef on the bone.
joe got friendly with the publican and helped out every now and then, got free drink for it. one night he didn’t pull out in time or so they think, anyway, it happened: baby jesus was underway. they were pissed off with each other and got pissed. that night they decided to stay together and have the baby despite the excellent reputation of the roman angelmaker as joe pointed out. mary rubbished him; some of mary’s friends pretty face an ugly makeover.
they decided to stay together and have the baby. you believe that. GETOGETHER everydays 10ish. weekends on appointment.
great story, said sponge, but too much text for an advertisement. that won’t work. people will hardly notice let alone go for it.

passion of sponge

desert. the final box. these are the voyages of sponge and his continuing mission to wake up breadroll, seek out blokks and to boldly go…
why didn’t you record the whole thing?
well, said sponge, i thought we could make it a project, like, finding out what happened.
that’s a terrible idea.
on days like this sponge felt very alone, and in his mind he depicted a cross, made entirely of bread, a block of wood as a foot rest and a beer can as the shiny head piece.
now hang on, where does the beer come into the equation?
after the = sign, i’ll drop you an email.

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