pay the eggman

i’m not paying. sponge was sure. no way; no matter who he is.
he is the man who can provide egg sandwiches at office parties, said breadroll.
we put it on the account, said sponge. we should.

meaning, cowboy, that is when you pay for the drinks

meaning, known what it is all about wanting to you must be, my words, marksman, said sponge.
not know i whot thy spaketh, said soldier said, quath ye thinket m’sarge?
sergeant sarge, never too sure whether being addressed properly or slagged on the sly, pretended to look out for potential primary target, his back to the private, while trying to find his line. i know son, he said eventually and turned slightly, tis bleedingly hard hardship spoken mili’tree spake tis foe sure. meaning seeking is of ours and if thous expect shouting and shanting fear not you shall as us eat with knifes and forks us use.
jolly good, said sponge.

pay rice

you had a double portion of puff, said block of wood, and soon you will go for another one.
yes, said breadroll, did not think it would turn out this way. we really should consider industrial action.
of some kind an action, said block of wood.
industrial, said breadroll, as in industrious.
fnn. fnnnnfff.
q: the social component, is that entirely missing in your, shall i dare say, art? stuff?
a: i’m a socialist, always have been.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.