the ability of people

evolution has equipped train people very well for whatever they are doing. whatever it is, they excel in it, word has it. they meet to discuss, and resolve without hesitation. they sell tickets in anticipation of oncoming trains. sponge wants to buy a ticket. train people now will be able, in a position so to speak, well trained and with a mandate to perform this very service to the general public. sponge here is lucky, you could spell that out for him, to be able to receive this service.
possible hickups aside, sponge will soon be the proud holder of a valid train ticket. he will also be permitted to apply for one on behalf of breadroll.

why people wave at trains

a burly man of the agile looking type was standing near the door as the train took off, waving at a lady of his acquaintance, who was waving back wildly, hurling abuse at the train people. i reckon she has missed the train. there won’t be another one for some time, he thought. i shouldn’t have waved. he decided to forget the episode.
sponge and breadroll had missed this train. there was no doubt. they had ran into a woman hasting the other way. she was waving wildly. somebody she know, said breadroll. very well, said sponge. we’ll wait.

funny dialogues between two or more people

look, it is like this, he said, we have to talk to people. go out there, do something.
funny you say that, breadroll said. he paused. always paused. he was the most difficult person to write dialogue for. must have been the drink. yes, he drank, like a sponge. sponge didn’t bother.
why, he said. we could have a meeting with the train people.  learn wregwsss or whatever they speak. train people have a sense of humour, we’ve got to be more like them, more positive, outgoing, involved. get into dialogue with the lot.
problem is, dialogue involves two people but when you catch one of them another one inevitably joins in.
there must be a way to involve more than two people in a dialogue.
it sort of only works in literature.
really? that’s just what people say, you know, a saying.

from passion to passion people go on posters

when they had a leg of lamb, and joe said he didn’t like it and mary tried to make peace but it was too late joe had already left the place, had packed all his stuff, which wasn’t much, and left. just like that. mary followed, all the time trying to talk sense into joe. they wandered around, took it easy and did some music gigs on market places to get get some coins for food until the police came to beat the holy crap out of them and they always decided to move on, who wouldn’t, until they came in to this idyllic village, which they both liked, and that’s where they settled.
there was no mention of the leg of lamb or the lord.
or beef on the bone.
joe got friendly with the publican and helped out every now and then, got free drink for it. one night he didn’t pull out in time or so they think, anyway, it happened: baby jesus was underway. they were pissed off with each other and got pissed. that night they decided to stay together and have the baby despite the excellent reputation of the roman angelmaker as joe pointed out. mary rubbished him; some of mary’s friends pretty face an ugly makeover.
they decided to stay together and have the baby. you believe that. GETOGETHER everydays 10ish. weekends on appointment.
great story, said sponge, but too much text for an advertisement. that won’t work. people will hardly notice let alone go for it.

stuff about train people

annabloom is alive, a spraying reads. hardly a mural, says sponge, but it is new. when did that happen. blink to breadroll, a breezelong missing block of wood. every now and then.
breadroll. walks. says nothing. the display is blank. apolises for inconvenience. shortly. wind. who is annabloom. a new mural, tiny.
to tell a joke in the way of train people:
t’pit and supplistrong caused their holy of thould of stong an ove t’yourn and then ream, thou haph, and arsht?
inass indeed, answeet heave clourned him. and the orf said, all on cubime: and arose me flees. no-ah; and with wet, too.

train people are what

train people can be creepy, call themselves train staff or something organised. many encounter them without knowing who they are. they tend to inflict pain. they do. they want to.
they apologise for inconvenience caused.

to meet the train people

to ask, to dare. who wouldn’t. and who would? the train man would look at the ticket, would nod and out? he would look at the ticket, and again, and compare with what, and look at the ticket once more, just to make sure, would say no, no return, no can’t get back in, cunt, he wouldn’t use those words. off you go the train man says.
sounds easy enough, said sponge. who wouldn’t try.
hang on, the train man says, wait a second, let me see again.
not necessarily, said breadroll. there could be complications.
freedom is just another word for a day spent outside a train company’s detention cell. and i shall protect your freedom by locking you in the bogs. the man seems satisfied with his decision.

sell the message to the people relentlessly

and peace and piss, said sponge, in that order.
and if i needed to now, said block of wood.
only violent behaviour can break the order, said sponge. there is no point missing that point.

breadroll, sponge and block of wood are wishing people all the best

that’ll be it now, he said, let’s have a rest. a rest but not a rust.
let alone a roast.
ha ha, very witty indeed.
now, we are about to end a week although we just started a day, a line as from a ballad, some nu romance stuff, said sponge , we just say goodbye and godspeed.
which has no limits.
ha ha very witty indeed.
the day then passed without special notice.

sponge is challenged on his conduct of the storyline but people whose puns involve swaps of letters ay and al are not really experienced in challenging people

that’s like: lame. can we not have a normal story, with a normal setting? no?
no. a normal. as in norman, with an al instead.
i see what you mean. you have a point, and a leg to stand on. phrases. you’ve got to love them.

when counting on people for consistency and repetition

not much use with these people, quite useless as a population, barely suited for genocide, we might get a decent mass murder out of them though.
says sponge in reply to breadroll’s remark one should knock down a corner or two and commit a few atrocities after all this would draw crowds, just look how popular everything is with hitler and the nazis in it —and ends the discussion.

sponge is good with people

wet sponges suck, dry sponges bounce. yesterday today tomorrow. tomorrow it always better as it has no day in it that could be bad. you see what it mean.
tomorrow? that what everyone says.
and i agree, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.