brekst will know be the answer perhaps

i would be the one with the question i don’t remember, said herr brekst and sniffled. i have a poem and a question. no answer. what would you like first?
in terms of surrondings, our protagonists are very much floating nowhere at all; no location has been described or specified. hence the obsession with dialogue. if there was moreto see we would have more description of things to fill the lines and add some content.
i would go for the poem but the question has been long promised long time ago, said sponge.

perhaps the obese one the fat woman

it won’t be much of a storyline or disorganised action to be going on, but, said breadroll, perhaps we could pick on the overweight again. they are far to sluggish to get out and burn stooges.
besides, said block of wood, stooges of skinnies wouldn’t make much of a fire.
we love the way a block of wood points out really crucial things. our friends feel the same way. they have the same sense of humour and are otherwise quite similiar, too. and now something almost completelt different:
it won’t be much of a storyline or disorganised action to be going on to, said breadroll.
sponge agreed. nothing to add.

perhaps you can give me an update

and, said breadroll, you certainly heard something in that direction?
what do you mean, said sponge.
not the, said breadroll, other direction?
i think, said block of wood, he means because of your asymmetrical ears, because they are asymmetrical, it may have been some other direction, perhaps.
or a different direction, said breadroll.
i see, said sponge.
what about your eyes, said breadroll.

eggs perhaps

maybe we should do something with eggs, said sponge.
eggs are valueable assets, said block of wood, and rather useful. they are more than a sex symbol for starters.
i take it that you don’t need the sheep then, the man said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.