something about phones

see, told you, said sponge, we should do something about phones.
you wanted to say fones, said breadroll, because it’s groovier. i think so, too, by the way.
i tried, said sponge, but the spell check picked up on it. but i don’t think it’s groovier. gruuvier maybe, but not the other thing.
no. the other thing.
i give up ,said breadroll and had tea. as usual.
as usual, said sponge who hated his comments being anticipated. the writer could fake it he thought, but no avail. we could have a power meeting to discuss it, he said. they all had left.

phone service

there was a phone call for you, said breadroll, yesterday or today, some time, would not be tomorrow as there is no day in it.
was there, said sponge, a phone call.
yes, said breadroll, a phone call. for you as well. and one for the wood. the one i was talking about earlier today actually. one each, at least to say the least.
o dear o dear, said block of wood, o dear. i didn’t expect a phone call all in a sudden, leperleper.
ah, not to worry, said sponge, sure, they’ll ring again when the time is right. they all ring again. always; some even don’t. they had training on that.
the phone rings. three stare cases (pillow cases, boxes of chocolates).

© the Book of Sponge and Others.