to pick up an old idea

po et ry.
pooo entries.
pope’s entry.
pop try.
that’s quite enough, herr brekst, said sponge, quite sufficient as well.
do you think so, said herr brekst.
positive, said sponge, everyone’s left; except me. and you.
herr brekst took a cup. do you want tea, he said. sponge did not want tea. i could make coffee. however, sponge did not want coffee either.
the morning had a hard time taking off.

make your pick

i hardly slept a wink last night, said sponge, waking up every blink and odd split second.
that’s the way it goes, i suppose, said breadroll.
defonightly, said block of wood.
did we agree on that kind of lingo, said sponge, and what’s this said business anyway, it’s pretty obvious that we’re saying something, isn’t it, as people can hear us. very well, i believe.
they can’t, said breadroll, it all printed. if lines could natter…
— pause —.
you got a point there, said sponge. any way: mary had a little man. can i pick your brains on that?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.