terror has made its point once again

they stood for a moment only and then fell but for no glory.
the bomb the took offally.
only one toilet left and they all queued in shock and horror.
traumatised, unable to meet the consultants’ demands.

breadroll makes a point to which sponge agrees but block of wood misses the point but cannot be blamed for it

i once meet a man, said breadroll, who did a walk as in a few paces every single morning. or should we wait?
good point, said sponge, we are in win-win here. or lose-lose, for that matter. that just be discussed.
tea everyone, said block of wood. he didn’t say it. he expressed it. there was no tea.

sponge points it out

ah well, same shit different day i suppose, said sponge. sometimes life is just it. he did something. not much. it exhausted him. life sometimes is just a thing of its own.
all this was duly taken on board and subsequently approved


with cream, lots, said breadroll, when they got to the point.
thing is, said sponge, you mabe your point but it should be discussed in a meeting.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.