monday we have lamb, tuesday we have pork, wednesday we have beef. we have a selection of vegetables every day, beans, peas, potatoes, carrots, broccoli. no, it is beef on tuesdays and pork on the wednesday. right. we start again thursday, lamb, beef, no, pork and then beef. lamb, beef, pork. lambeef pork.  its lamb again sunday, and we have pork on monday, something else, not always the same. two veg with it, we have to choose, so it’s beans- peas, potatoes-carrots, broccoli-beans, peas-potatoes, carrots-broccoli, and then we have to start again. we had some kind of jelly once but that was not repeated. they usually repeat. they made exceptions. fish. trout, salmon, cod, plaice, haddock, pollock, tiger prawns. mussels, less likely.
that was only posted internally, they never had it. somebody did not arrive. again.
we experimented with other sequences, chicken nuggets, turkey breasts, duck, goose. repeat twice, then skip for one week. nothing worked. there never was duck, not a bit. it would be the thought that counts.