processed foods

and i stepped right into it, said breadroll, right there, here to toe, danish, german and seven pints of the black stuff. with indian, or chinese, but no noodles. congregated, consolidated.

process orientation

tea, said sponge, leaves stains.
so does coffee, said breadroll.
i go for tea, said block of wood, regardless.
persistence is the prime quality, said sponge, of the ideal process-oriented administrator.
and the stains come out, said breadroll, no problem, if you aggressively target them.

query not processed

breadroll was wondering whether there was a policy on reports. is there, he said, is there, to emphasise his need and nose for news.
no reply.
block of wood a block of cellulose.
sponge unavailable, most likely important, selfmotivated task; otherwise: foamy material of undefined origin — probably imported. due to essential and long scheduled, essential and essential maintenance work on the main database replies unfortunately can be processed at this point in time but shortly, however, no earlier than tomorrow.

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