inflate or deflate or put on another show

breath in, said sponge, you look too thin. your head looks big. breath out. your old self. don’t hold your breath. that’s my advice. then again, you might hold your breath for something. or someone. there’s a queue. wait a minute. that will be a short story, that there is the end.

it would have been better we had put her in a spreadsheet

what happened to the fat lady, said sponge, i wonder.
fat woman, said breadroll.
yes, what happened.
no idea, said breadroll and scratched his crust, block of wood was dealing with her.
i see, said sponge, we lost track of her, didn’t we?
she promised to ring, said block of wood, or email.
cc me in, said sponge, i love to be kept in the loop.
that was a fairly civil conversation, said breadroll.
it was, wasn’t it, said sponge.


let’s play golf, blokk said and hit breadroll against the wall with a 7 wood.
that’s not good, said sponge, not good at all at all. today’s assignment is to list all types of red excluding all sorts of shades of red. not golf at all.
and 7 wood wasn’t the right club anyway, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.