egg and a query

and what’s that all about? an egg running down the street? no egg is running down the street, only sponge and breadroll, no egg ever ran down the street unscathed. now we know. that’s it for now.

excellent day for a query

i would have a question, said sponge, and answer one if you like. as most lonely people he did not reach anyone.
breadroll relaxed, not to be asked. blokk likewise, brutal. lonely.
q: what did you do in those days?
a: hung out. whatever hanging out means these days. recreationals drugs, of course. what you do. so it goes.

query as in q

i should take the sheep back, the man said.
the man had hidden behind various items, hence breadroll, sponge and block of wood did not notice him and — to honour the old days, to mark the occasion — threw in the occasional comment.
gosh, we didn’t notice you, said sponge.
googolly not at all, said block of wood.
there you are, said breadroll.
did you know where he had been, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, i wish to have a sheep tribunal.

query not processed

breadroll was wondering whether there was a policy on reports. is there, he said, is there, to emphasise his need and nose for news.
no reply.
block of wood a block of cellulose.
sponge unavailable, most likely important, selfmotivated task; otherwise: foamy material of undefined origin — probably imported. due to essential and long scheduled, essential and essential maintenance work on the main database replies unfortunately can be processed at this point in time but shortly, however, no earlier than tomorrow.

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