there must be a question

we better come up with something, said sponge. something.
couldn’t we wait for some thing, said breadrool.
there isn’t much that hasn’t been waited for, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll, we wait then till.
until, said sponge.

question is

some stuff doesn’t do anything at all. but some stuff does, said sponge, a fact of life. there is no way denying it.
no attempt undertaken, said breadroll.

excellent question (excellence anyway and anywhere)

what to do i do not know, said sponge, and a sarcastic headline does not help improving things. titles should be helpful, understanding and with a meaning. of course they should reflect the story somehow.
shall we have meeting, said breadroll.
without agenda, said sponge, it would be quite useless.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.