a quick encounter between dawn and morn

you’ve been away for a long time, said breadroll, a long time indeed. as if the repetition would add emphasis.
more for the rhythm, is it, said sponge.
would you leave again?
definitely, said sponge.

quick and quiet and nothing else

now you apologise or not, said sponge and agreed was the demand by breadroll and block of wood in a way the offender could not be identified. touh shit and luck.
that was a close one, said block of of wood.
i wish, said breadroll. sponge said nothing.

quick word of advice

you should not, said block of wood, accept clear instructions. the clearer they are the lesser they are tought through. take my word for it. no. don’t. don’t take my word. try for yourself. it is only an advice. i’m only advising, not suggesting anything. it’s only a job for me.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.