quick and quiet and nothing else

now you apologise or not, said sponge and agreed was the demand by breadroll and block of wood in a way the offender could not be identified. touh shit and luck.
that was a close one, said block of of wood.
i wish, said breadroll. sponge said nothing.

a quiet one

i did not forget how you burst into me the other day said silence and nothing thereafter.
after a long while sponge told breadroll that he, sponge always knew that this would happen after all it was not proper order that he, breadroll, always bursts into silence with no warning. block of wood was left out of it.
shush, said silence and she had a point.

all quiet on the front

if there hadn’t been a bowel movement as the sole movement that wouldn’t have been a movement at all.
and there’s a sentence with 3 movements, said breadroll.
and 2 sentences starting with and, said breadroll.
one day, said block of wood.
since the government’s ban on motion the three were fairly stuck at a corner without a shop.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.