not quite so old and witty

o the fun we had, said sponge, that was really fun. we were different then. less grubby. more snappy celery. now we know the right queue from the wrong, as they say. i have never heard anyone saying that but it is important to remember to choose the right queue, one for hopeful things, worthy the disappointment. though it is hard to spot them, requires practice, which one doesn’t get from waiting in the wrong one. but we are hopeful.
a hungry lady wants a bite of me, said breadroll.
she should queue for bread, said sponge. where is an angry mob when you need it.

quite urgently as a matter of fact

seriously, said breadroll, it should be looked into rather urgently — to paraphrase the title of this episode.
well, said sponge, there’s a process for every policy we should be happy it is that way for otherwise it’ll be different.
quite different, said block of wood.
i knew you would say this, said sponge.
so did i, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.