quota quotae we will need tits after all

to say tits surely is not as bad as showing them, said breadroll. i have none myself but if i had i would not have time for people objecting me from showing them. that’s me. i love to butter spread on me, too. that’s me, should do.
we could gp on about spreads without being overly offensive. we’ve got to show something, said sponge, and the plan to turn the office into a porn studio is an appealing one.
a plan, said block of wood. tea anyone.
we cannot turn anything into some other thing without approval, said breadroll.
and plan, said sponge, right. that episode did not work out as expected. i thought there would be more approar about the porn quote.

as in quote

for some reason the pot is always steaming but the tea is always cold. they should stop serving steaming pots.
q: what then? if the pot policy changes?
a: that wasn’t me who said this; just because i’m in the same episode as the quote it doesn’t mean i said it, does it?
q: who said it then?
a: brekst did, i think. (he said fink to emphasise the importance).
q: brekst eh?
a: yes.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.