on rain and being rained on

he spoke fondly of his brollie. how he forgot it one day and had to go back to the house, how he couldn’t find it at first and he looked in the kitchen, just to make sure he had explored all options, but it wasn’t there either, at least he couldn’t see it, so he went back to the sitting room, and, and after only a quick search, some swift browsing, as you might call it, while he thought he had to go and search in the kitchen again, under the old newspapers as it had just come to him that he hadn’t looked there previously, there it was, on the sofa, no idea why he hadn’t seen it before. although it didn’t rain that day at all, it would have worked for most types of rain, he said, urban rain of course. in the country they call them bumbershoots, hand carved and knitted they are, else the downpour would dent the farmer’s head. they call it just rain though.
those farmers, said sponge, are not like the peasants of old.
certainly not, the man said, but these bumbershoots can be very good. this brollie is very good, too. i try to bring it every day and most of the days i succeed although i do have to go back to the house every now and then. just like the other day, when i had to search high and low in the kitchen to no avail. i’ll remember next time.

what does rain mean to us

rain. more rain. so it goes.
not a satisfactory answer, said sponge, then again, the question was somehow cryptic. brekst does not really ask any questions.
yet it is his big entry, said breadroll, i came to ask a question. it is terrible. the train is late. statistically it is on time though. if two trains are due at 17.30 and one arrives at 17.25 and the other at 17.35 both are on time statistically.
that is how success is made, said sponge. they do apologise for any convenience caused.

there will be more rain eventually

it is raining, said sponge, raining rain. i thought that would be something different to say about the rain. but there is room for improvement, certainly.
a different shade of grey over there, said breadroll and pointed. ove there. they took a long time to examine the other shade with no conclusion.
maybe other drops, said sponge.

the rain falls like there was no tomorrow

it is raining, said sponge.
it is raining, said breadroll, isn’t it.
bloody rain, said sponge.
it raining the entire day.


and, said sponge, what now?
you don’t use that question thingy very often, said breadroll.
that was correct but beside the point. herr brekst was not overly optimistic about finding a possibility to ask his question, not today to say the least. nevertheless, the tea was wet and the toast was dry, and it turn out to be rather pleasant.
there should be a justification for the title as good manners command, alas, it would be hard to get some rain in, now that we said the day turned out to be “rather pleasant” (=it, ie. the day). rain was promised for tomorrow. unfortunately tomorrow the weather was not supposed to be mentioned. what to do? it is no surprise that people turn to drink.

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