a moment of reasoning and due socialist terms

no way way i would want this dog putty on my slippers, said sponge, i seemed to have touched the spot they didn’t want to spare.
very sour kinda sarcasm-based sort of sense of humour, said breadroll. if we want to be a serious novel we should do something interesting. post to w.a.s.t.e. for instance just to dig it.
you know, said sponge, that’s funny. i was just thinking the same and now it’s attributed to you. that’s how historical error occur.

dada in this context was wrongly referred to for no reason

dada, as is work related, as in labour relevant, does fnothing for people and has no significance in industrial relationships other than being signifcantly present, in presence, past and future tensions.
bravo, said sponge, well done. the others say the same.
bravo, said breadroll, -(and so on).

reckonism and happiness

i suppose, said sponge and the others listened, today will be a fairly quiet day and quickly over as we dive into the depth of short syllables on short-term contracts.
they are on contracts, said breadroll, how come?
freelancing syllables are more flexible, said sponge, and flexibility brings all these exciting and innovative visions. more than beer anyway.
block of wood stuffed some cheese into breadroll who complained about the the particular brand used. i think so, too, he said.

they all were happy to gladly agree on this.


because it was breezing in a rather dull way,
because it demanded constant attention,
because it was not quite loved,
because it did not have a work permit the little wind was let go and replaced with vending machine.
it does have nice chocolate in it, said breadroll.
and cake, said block of wood.
a-shut up, said breadroll, won’t you.
wet towels, said sponge.
the bonus is chatterboxed, de nada this year, said silence, what d’you think?.
sponge: mvbvoeh b e.
breadroll: eowtzbfosks xjwpw xi kkrhst ztb xpx dn.
block of wood: caemuo ii amvuyri xl.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.