day to so remember

so we are, entrenched, said sponge, he was, of course exaggerating. so there they sat, sat at least, not idly loiterish standing like the rest of all.
they spent time sitting, mostly, holding on to their seats, making sure stuff that may not have been sure before or may have become uncertain; inconsistent results. wet conditions. not set to improve.

remember the saying

remember when we said we should add some meaning, said sponge. they said that, it was the thing to go for. that’s something we definitely should follow up on, a chance now or never.
they all loved the plan but in the end nothing came out of it.

remember the first steps

after the motion ban, said sponge, our legs were stiff, we could hardly walk. he said thesewords like someone who is very sure of himself, someone who believes his message should be spread.
i think we had exactly the same episode before, said breadroll.
do you think so, said sponge, is it the message bit?
no, said breadroll, don’t know.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.