when counting on people for consistency and repetition

not much use with these people, quite useless as a population, barely suited for genocide, we might get a decent mass murder out of them though.
says sponge in reply to breadroll’s remark one should knock down a corner or two and commit a few atrocities after all this would draw crowds, just look how popular everything is with hitler and the nazis in it —and ends the discussion.

repetition as a reocurring event

do you think so, said sponge.
yes, said breadroll, we repeat things and thinks as well.
ideas should be available, said sponge, we could nick some.
tea, said block of wood.
we really try to make a point here, said breadroll but it was to late; his last three words were caught it a repeater and morphed in the background.
at the more pleasant side of life we would see mommies spoil kids rotten at the swings-and-slides. they would share the space with pensioners and unemployed people nonsensing time away, an advertisement would occasinally brighten their day. that would give enough to talk about when they would meet their accomplishing partner whose days where not brightened by advertisements. whatever happens to the persoiners and the unemployeds we don’t know.
tea, said block of wood, that was a bit dull.
always, said breadroll, and we get to repeat what the other has said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.