be good and do right

placed firmly on the moral highchair sponge felt smug and in mood for comments. who to comment on when nobody is around? lecture the odd toe? ask whether lecturing fingers may be more sensible? place another question mark in the shortness that is this story? do the right thing, the voice said and ye shall be rewarded.
who are you, said sponge.
an apparition, the voice said. mother mary today and cousin keith another. your shadow and your shade. they are selling tickets over there. thank you, said sponge. 30 euro, the voice said, to support the laden. a bargain. a word for the stricken for only 10 euro extra.

spread your wings and learn to tick the right thing

fart. fart, what’s that but a highlighted pee or poo in waiting, not a pee perhaps. i can’t believe anyone wants to know that, said sponge.
the public, after all we are celebrities. says breadroll without meaning it nor clarifying which bit; which bit, said sponge, you know we all tire from time to time. maybe brekst doesn’t but he’s one of those arty types.
sulky silence. just tick yes, we don’t want to cause problems. after all.

the right thought

we should get a car, said sponge.
that would add to the story, said block of wood, indeed.
we also would look less ridiculous, said breadroll.

right after all

we got it right after all, said sponge, spoke to them and their sending a manual. it should arrive shortly in the near future.
would the sheep ever open, said breadroll.
tomorrow, said block of wood, or the other day.

right words

once again the sun was tired of tirelessly illuminating perpetuous reiterations. pale light was shed on the scene where breadroll, sponge and block of wood had takeb on the challenge of finding the right words for most things.
the importance of the task as well as the critical impact of a possible failure had been sufficiently made clear to ensure breadroll, sponge and block of wood were fully aware of forthcoming innovations. episode’s end.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.