and around as in round and around we go

if i say now, said sponge, that’s it for the year it’ll be seen as one of those jokes one used to crack as a child: i shall not wash again for the yearshall not shave again for the year or mother not wanting to cook again in this year, jokes ill-perceived just one or two days later, but that’ll be it, it for the year and no joke.

do new to square a roundish rectangle

should we go around or in circles, enquiry from sponge.
in circles way cooler but around gets you around. so we go. let’s not cut corners and file a report on the matter.

next round

breadroll, block of wood and sponge went around the building, around and around and around.
i’m glad we’re doing this, said sponge, it is very important, know what i mean. extremely helpful, to others and all. 24/7. furthers the team’s project even further than any other action taken previously…
sponge stopped, and breadroll put the remote control back on the table.
it usually does not work, he said, but it did this time.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.