three times british in a row

whoaw, said sponge, this time they’ll do it, britain for the cup. four times actually, in a row but not a queue
people do get that sense of humour, said breadroll.
couldn’t be bovver’d, said block of wood. now that we pinch a gag we drop it. this story goes nowhere mostly anyway actually.

three in a row

a car, said sponge, o yes, that would be an improvement. a car. the english say kaa.
what about the motion ban, said breadroll, are we sure it’s over? did we get an external opinion? do we know what we’re dealing with?
you used it three times in a row, said block of wood.
did i, said breadroll.
you did, block of wood.
amazing, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.