we try angst again fuck sake

will angst, said sponge, be an archetype for us, on our travel to a corner shop and the drivel that comes with it?
a descriptive term, but not in itself a category; angst should be considered a subgenre of other categories (narrative, character study, episodic, etc.). a shop may be filled with angst-ridden employees and patrons, but there’s usually a story behind it.

be a brit for british sakes

for suck’s sake, let’s find a nibble that isn’t an alcopop, said sponge. a shop a shop, an empire for a shop.
lingering won’t help and loitering is frowned upon. burning puppets though is a valid expression of concern only in areas without running water and population enough to sustain the edition of a newspaper. so burning a puppet is out of question, they’d be done by by-laws.

sake’s sake at best

you wouldn’t get more support than that; and support is important. that a lump of wisdom block of wood had uttered last night but we decided to fit it in.

for fuck or for sake

fnnn fnnfnnfnn fnn fn fnnn.
did you close the drawer or did i, said blokkk “brutality” wokk.
you did, said breadroll, or did i? he wasn’t there anyway. and: slurrdshh; had butter all over him. one of those mornings of rushed sexuality.
he should have left a note, said blokkk, still letter-k-ayed.

for sallytokk sake

sometimes i think, said sponge, that saying something is not the right answer at all. i sometimes even think i should not have said what i have said. like right now. i should not have said this. i do want you to keep sending me txts. promise? ——— now there is one.

grammar is a gamble.
and i should not have had txtd that for is is just a phrase (but noone will notice).

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