the second line

mary had a little can, and in this can a tiny man…
too complex, too complicated, said sponge, usually people’s heads’ hurt when it’s too complex. or indeed too complicated.
we don’t want heads to hurt, said block of wood.
who wants that. hurting heads. head hurt all the time: on buses, in meetings, on men cycling doen the road, on women, too, although they tend to exaggerate.
we manage to do without, said breadroll, that’s just us, mind you.
he repeatedthe line until block of wood took over (with a new line).
another day mastered.
too complex, said sponge.

second holiday

focus, focus, darling, focus focus, said breadroll and (took pleasure in the repeated repetition) reached for the butter, i wouldn’t mind to be leisurely buttered. no at all in fact. alas, in fact, there is no policy.
if there was we would still lack a procedure, said block of wood (leisurely outfit: yummy apple pie on wooden board carved with traditional patterns, obviously bordered with succulent scoop of vanilla icecream, sided with roast potatoes).
non of that business now, this is serious business and we’ve got to be serious about it. let’s have a bite.
a breadroll, a sponge and a block of wood were rushing down the street, around the corner and into the shop. a breadroll, a block of wood and a sponge were seen rushing out of the shop, around the corner, over the street and into the house and people started talking about the fact that they were actually rushing into the house without rushing out of it before, however, talks ceased quite quickly after a while.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.