serious about it

sponge, holding a cutlet and some sausages in one hand, a mixer in the other, says: if we are serious about the splatter we should start somewhere. it won’t go anywhere if we are not serious about it and go the extra mile. that’s what i say.
he waits. no more action.

serious interest

ruffle, said breadroll, a few feathers. an intriguing word indeed.
he did not seem to be serious about that — at least not as serious as the man who went into the shop and asked for catering pan (thick doughy slices).
now there’s a man of determination, said sponge.
alas, people tend to find approving and encouraging comments less interesting. the man went on with his business (sandwichery) and so did the sales assistant (costumer care) and the others (breadroll, sponge and block of wood).

© the Book of Sponge and Others.