short won’t last long

short, snappy sentences, said sponge, get you places.
do you think so, said breadroll.
yes, said sponge, anyway, they’ll shorten the wait for the end.
they’ll be through the report in no time and want another one.

short words might also do

so things would look up. we had that before. pat on the head. the next thing, same thing. right? so you are not so hopeful? no? why not? anything to complain? talk it all down? what?
well nothing, so. we’re done?

eggman again for short

see it roll, an egg. down the road. who rolls eggs down roads, down, the eggman? sponge baffled, likewise breadoll, buttered so to speak using easy puns as a means of achieving comical effects that might even insult people.
that is not acceptable. could we report it? that would lead to an investigation. on hisĀ  behalf. we could, and that would be a decisive step on our part, threaten an investigation ourselves. leadership, that sort of thing. what sort of egg was it anyway?

short dialogue involving contradiction

ahh. here you are, said sponge. i’ve been looking for you.
no you haven’t, said breadroll.
what is there to add, said sponge.

somehow it is not him in shorts

there’s isn’t much left, said sponge, but the man is there.
not him, said breadroll, the man himself.
no, said sponge, not him.

long words short words

q: clings in with the long titles. the stage had cleared at this stage. people did not remember the words. they were swept up and discarded, the long ones broken into syllables.
the sallytokk staff was hanging around, with beers. not much going on. we shouldn’t have mentioned it. it was really a mellow scene. a few discussed tax implications. no longer words than that.
a: no, not to mention. what can you do? title is title, little to add. it speaks for itself and carries the story like an unwanted growth.

brief short and sweet

today, said block of wood, we could do something special inmidst the regularities.
yes, said sponge, we could.
why don’t we, said breadroll.
a discussion followed, which was rather very unspectacular.

in shorts

block of wood has finished a little song (akk noo walla k thhr ff). silence. into the silence bursts breadroll. this squarepants character, he says, is he anyhow familiar or related?
don’t know him, sponge says hastily and starts picking crumbs off the slice.
that’s all.


another morning had dawned: bright, blued, however, partially clouded sky: world keeps on turning.
i wish it was a short week, said sponge.
short short short short short short short, said breadroll.
i repeat thus i am, said sponge, i shall repeat this some time. where is block of wood? still on the loo loo loo?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.