very funny for that matter but i don’t think we should laugh at all

and on we went walking. on the trail less travelled. around corners where others never would think to take a snoop around. they walked, now view view from top. the three walking. heading towards another corner.
if anyone wants o take a leak, said sponge, it would be a chance now.
i took a leek from a garden back there but it was rather raw, said block of wood.
if you think british is about funny puns, said sponge, it is not. it is about puns, that’s it — (he gave the final ‘t’ a really sharp finish to make a point).

more brutality you should say

can you hear me. blokk was in the shouting phase of his rage special. he know over the lamp. you can’t, bollocks.
we have to knock him off soon.
yes. it’s getting repetitive, said breadroll, how about a poem?
brekst? nah. we really should do something with …
let’s discuss it.
power meeting?
no. mower peating?
sounds good.

should we be curious what they come up with

says sponge: it won’t be much today. nothing has been scheduled and a lot has been forgotten abput; it all should have been planned and therefore there is not much today.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.