anything is good for something in the end

the thought of having to come up with something, anything, was too much. i can’t bear that, said sponge. breadroll entered the room and sat down. you are very formal today, said sponge, entering the room, like that. other people just come in. other people, as breadroll replied, also simply had enough, rather than claiming to be unable to bear an event or location. true, said sponge. they waited. perhaps something happens, said sponge, so that we do not have to come up with something. or anything at all, said breadroll, which, as they agreed, was a good way to end the conversation.

somewhere would be something else now

sponge said, i can see we’re getting there, but never told us where. if he had said, we’re getting somewhere, the nagging question wouldn’t be one, it wouldn’t be at all. we all need our targets set firmly. a man once went around the world, his target set firmly before him. when he came back to his village he was a much happier man but they didn’t really recognise him so he left again and nobody heard of him again. he was a plumber by trade.

if you don’t know what to say say something

distinction rather than extinction, said sponge, is what our company is after. i’ve chosen those words carefully yet there are weaknesses in detail. he looked around the everexpanding room. breadroll sat on a chair that once had been near the middle of the room. why does this room have to grow bigger every minute, he said, i can’t here you. can we not have ideas of our own? in russia rooms used to expand, it happened once, but here?
ah well, said sponge, people don’t know that bit about russia, not many people.

something gives nothing the end of the day

and we are sure, said sponge, that it came to nothing? Absolutely nothing?
breadroll said nothing.
i take that as a witty comment, said sponge. doesn’t really add to the topic. so nothing it is. that’s something. at least we are certain an outcome, a result, something to show with with a precise certainty. for i am going to stop talking right now and here and that’ll be the end.
you weren’t going to trust me, were you. that’s a silly ending, just like that. it has happened before though. nothing to show for it as we plod along, for certain. we could queue somewhere for a rest.
we could.
a lengthy dialog develops and fades out. they say nothing.

something for something and anything at all

there is something we wanted to do, is there. usually there is, most of the time. what it was? something urgent, something we neededĀ  to do. don’t ask, we didn’t ask. something.
sure we lean out of the window instead. they tried. we take a seat. things we do today.

something sometimes got to give

so there will be a meeting of sorts, sponge inquired. thank you for inquiring, the train person said, but i regret to say that we’d like to keep this confidential. it’s commercially sensitive. he emphasised commercially to stress the importance. it’s important so, said sponge. very, the train person said. i apologise for the inconvenience caused, if that helps, as a matter of policy.
the train person, a flimsy man with thick red brushy hair, got up from his chair and turned to go. you’d be better off getting a bus, if they was one, he said.

sometimes something is better than nothing at all

you know, said breadroll, we’ve got a lot under our belt, and that not just hardened remnants of something. and if it were so what?
how could it harden if we are on the move, said sponge, we’ve got to find something to have more than nothing. gum plastered pavements. we know the scene. sponge and breadroll had a fight, a hug and a rest of a day.

something someday sometimes

something will ,said sponge, come out of it sometimes.
at a corner someone had got sick, splashed the family dinner all over the place. way to go, she was a lousy cook, the man said, and now she is gone. tales of this and other things they heard. isn’t that awful, said breadroll, as the man went on with his business, i shall feel for him someday. one day i must empathise.
someday all be sorted and fine, said sponge. i used to hate to think i couldĀ  miss that.

to say something is sometimes harder than other times

what can i say, said sponge. people walking up and down the street, relentlessly. sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t and when they fall, they sometimes get up again to fall once more and other times they simply had it. a man went home from work once, he worked nearby in a shop, but the shop was in difficulties, he didn’t know that then, but they would let him go, without final pay, and he would have to go work somewhere else, where he couldn’t walk home anymore during lunch to see his wife, who would have left him by then as she couldn’t stand him being unemployed. he used to walk home and didn’t fall once. his wife quizzed him but he said no he didn’t fall, which was true.
i really don’t know what else to say, said sponge. not easy to make a point.

there is always one or something for that matter

we witness a naked man running down the road. nothing else happens, pretty grim area. bleak area, nothing going bar the one guy running, that should have been mentioned in the title, not just the one. at least there was one at least.
there’s got to be something, said sponge.

somehow someone must get something

if we are not getting anywhere, said sponge, could we at least settle for another goal? that was a question. d’you want me to sound like a journalist? fnn ff nnnfff fnnn.
not good, said breadroll, you won’t get a story out of this.
there must be something, said sponge.

even in the event that something ever might happen

brekst didn’t come in a while, said sponge, and not much happen since. a fly is a fly but for all i know it is an event. brekst with his cirpy voice, the voice that lingers on when he’s gone.
and even if something happened, said breadroll, what would we do?
about it? with it? for it? against it? i spin when i think about it, said sponge. you name it, said breadroll.

say something nice to yourself

he is to examine the mildew on the walls, said breadroll, and if it has greenish or reddish depressions that appear to be deeper than the surface of the wall.
i see, said breadroll.
jolly good, said breadroll, jolliest good. it looks as if i can talk to myself after all.

something about bikes

so no chance for a bike, said sponge, to get along?
no, said breadroll, we won’t have one.
the naked man was getting along fast as well, said block of wood and he had a point.
it took a while for the others to get it and they weren’t quick to respond either.

just to say something would not help now

q: and, i believe, the soldiers’ arrival was not helpful either for your attempts to leave this very corner?
a: noe, not at all.
q: i see. fnnnnn. —— i hate those breaks, too, you know. not very helpful you know.
a: i know. those breaks. nothing to say for yourself, you close your eyes and when you open those googles of yours again there is still nothing to say, not a spark.
lights on but seemingly nobody there, said breadroll.

any cheese in that context would replace something

herr brekst did not really care to get answers or attention, he did not really want all that, after all he was a chap to have a pint with, by fair and by square for all that matters or any other saying we could say to his defence on his behalf.
that — or so — was the general opinion, opionion was heard as well, some muttered an oponion, with a whiff of cheese and onion, any cheese in that context, for a crowd had gathered at the corner.
(this crowd then disappeared after herr brekst had paid the taxi driver who kept his mouth shut during the process. there had been some disturbance before which had gone unnoticed indeed by most of us bar that crowd that is currently being beaten up the lot of them. again open brutality prevailed over latent violence.)
breadroll and sponge thought it would be wise to take one corner at a time.
so, no chance for a shop here, said breadroll.
no, said sponge, sadly.

in front of something

did you like that?
him? like him?
no. that.
oh that. yes.
yes. very nice.
that’s great.
yes, i liked it.
sponge did not like talking to his image mirrrored in a spoon as he caught himself doing —- this, and the fact that the script advised the use of the word leked instead of liked to add something.

something about phones

see, told you, said sponge, we should do something about phones.
you wanted to say fones, said breadroll, because it’s groovier. i think so, too, by the way.
i tried, said sponge, but the spell check picked up on it. but i don’t think it’s groovier. gruuvier maybe, but not the other thing.
no. the other thing.
i give up ,said breadroll and had tea. as usual.
as usual, said sponge who hated his comments being anticipated. the writer could fake it he thought, but no avail. we could have a power meeting to discuss it, he said. they all had left.

long lines stand for something

long lines stand for deep thought in printed media, herr brekst said, to show what’s going on and that it is going on inside people’s heads, or what should go on (nothing, more often than not). it also stands for a longer pause (brackets are popular, too, to express thought). you didn’t think that, did you. ——————— bet you didn’t. ——————— me neither (as in would have thought so(. there you go, wonders everywhere but this episode still strikes me as somewhat unfinished.

or something else we could say

something, said breadroll, something. something in her reminded me of something, made me think not only of but ooof her and was not her well-stuffed purse for she was naked.
naked, said sponge, as in stark?
as in buck. yes.

and now: something different

you know, said sponge, one single word of disgust would have been quite sufficient. we’re talking too much anyway. too much; you see, i should not have said this. should not have spoken these words, not unauthorised.
change subject: the weather here is just amazing. wednesday the 3rd august 2005 had a reasonable amount of sunny spells, at least in dublin.

something with eggs

lined up they sat on the kerbstone.
we should have done something with eggs, said block of wood, they are so symbolic.
i don’t know, said sponge, i am not too sure about the company’s stance in this respect. i shall find out for you once we get there.
are we going, said breadroll.
no, said the others.

little something to say amongst other things

talked lots spake nods a mouthful of speech, that is that, the end otherwise. each of you, delighted now, shall rot further. the man turned and left. gone.
a bit brusk, said breadroll, people nowadays, no shame.

something about sponge

about to descend, said sponge, but didn’t after all. what a disappointment. it would have made the day.
he sighed stereotypically.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.