one way of sorting out things

they bombed offally yesterday evening, said sponge, but none of the soldiers we’ve met recently was involved.
that’s nice, said breadroll, they seemed to be nice enough lads.
nice soldiers yes. they’ve got to be if they bomb offalky or kork or kack or killkunny for that matter; who knows how the county might be called.
kick perhaps. west kick.
whatever. they didn’t bomb that bit yet.

sorting snots

fnnnnn fnaabb fnnabbb. we strive for variance, the producer said.
q: this is your special time to tell us all about you.
a: your ass.
q: has been amputated as a result of a violent assault that turned out to be a big misunderstanding of snorts.
a: sorts or snots.
q: of snorts indeed.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.