movement of sponge

shall we go. said sponge.
we can’t, said breadroll.
that’s right, said sponge, i just wanted to see if you remembered.
i do.
you do, exactly.
we don’t have to sit still though.
no. we can do a few things.
a thing or two.  exactly.
we should carefully plan our next step.
think it through to make a fully considered decision.
that might be very tiring.
i think we should make a move.
but we can’t.
you said that already.
they went to the corner, hesitated, looked around. time to scratch our backs, said sponge. we keep moving that way, dynamically fast-paced, everything to keep the momentum going forward.
we can’t go anywhere, said breadroll, that’s the rule.
we don’t have to sit still though, said sponge, we do have options.
possibilities, said breadroll, we should consider them well.
we should go, said sponge, the other are gone, too. they looked around, the place was empty. i’d say, said breadroll, they’ve never arrived. or have left early, said sponge.
we can’t go just yet.
this would make old ladies jump out the window just like that on tv or in books, said sponge, but it wouldn’t happen in real life. old ladies are firmly seated and generally to squat to reach the window sill even.
unless there’s something to see, said breadroll.

the sum of sponge

where is sponge, said block of would.
not here, said breadroll, that sums it up.
they sulked.

sponge more or less

where is he, said breadroll, and block of wood said nothing. nothing at all for the entire day.
breadroll spent some time counting spots on the pavement.

one may ignore the leitmotif but might not escape the sponge

there we would go again, said sponge, if we wanted to.
but we don’t want to, said breadroll. exactly, said sponge and a clock started to tick. i’ve got something in my ears, he said. silence. a ticking in sponge’s ears.
yes well, said breadroll, country doctor as i am i shall send you to a specialist.
you’re not a doctor, said sponge.
no, said breadroll, but you are not sick and therefore we just impersonated a joke. staged it for the not-onlookers.

breadroll, sponge and block of wood are wishing people all the best

that’ll be it now, he said, let’s have a rest. a rest but not a rust.
let alone a roast.
ha ha, very witty indeed.
now, we are about to end a week although we just started a day, a line as from a ballad, some nu romance stuff, said sponge , we just say goodbye and godspeed.
which has no limits.
ha ha very witty indeed.
the day then passed without special notice.

my myself sponge sponge on sponge

just a break here, said sponge. fnnnnnn. the interviewer. so far not much. sponge.
q: didn’t think we would get the chance really, fnnnnnn. the deflation gets me al the time, i know it’s not funny. should i swear. bloody feck feckin. fnnnnn. i’m being comical. what about you? (block of wood quite appropriately declines to do anything anal or analogue with or to the interviewer.)
a: nice morning to be enjoyed and off to new boundary, warp or not, mankind will get to places but this isn’t really about sponge, is it?
Q: not quite no. not here on my script anyway.
we got it wrong this time, vile, if you ask me, said sponge, ah well, shall i do the honours? sponge sponge sponge, hooray. sponge, yeah. sponge. we support sponge. (fans go mad.)

sponge and breadroll do the british thing

ahh. and this is the second day, lasts a second or more, said sponge. that is some of the same i guess.
becoming famous was still part of the agenda although the agenda was part of the problem and part of the solution. famous. fame. being a celebrity. the second day around, harder to beat. more famous. if we don’t get these lines into the big picture we will become normal and cease to be famous. that sums it up tally-ho. i wish we were british; wouldn’t we be glad to be british? says sponge.
ahh well whatever, said breadroll who didn’t really care much about being british.
they watched a hedgehog being squashed by a british truck.

sponge is challenged on his conduct of the storyline but people whose puns involve swaps of letters ay and al are not really experienced in challenging people

that’s like: lame. can we not have a normal story, with a normal setting? no?
no. a normal. as in norman, with an al instead.
i see what you mean. you have a point, and a leg to stand on. phrases. you’ve got to love them.

sponge is the plight almighty of the working class

why anyway are these people here why a shop that has no crisps but tweed in an area that cannot stomach anything heavier than a burger? a frozen pizza maybe to be extravagant in the summer know what i mean. sausage rolls. pyjamas, yes. but tweed? — english, the englishman said but he was not to appear for a while and neither did anyone else. having that settled we remain with:-


but the plight of sponge in a grey tracksuit as it goes without saying.

from the book of sponge and others, take two

a reading from the book of sponge and others, really:
and the blitz had striken offally and left only one toilet intact but the people in offally did neither wail or gnashed their teeth. just nibbled off their neighbours’ backs and queued to deliver the fruit of their nibble. but while the meat was still between their teeth and before it could be consumed, the anger of the lot burned against the people, and struck them with a severe plague.
you have to start queuing while you chew and digest, otherwise you won’t get a seat, the man said, blame the government for it.
he’s not the man, said sponge. we have to keep waiting.
he’s not here, said breadroll, being negative about things.
be negative, said sponge, saves you disappointments.

from the book of sponge

a reading from the book of sponge.
and others, said breadroll. that’s us, said block of wood. that’s right, said sponge. we start again.

breadroll makes a point to which sponge agrees but block of wood misses the point but cannot be blamed for it

i once meet a man, said breadroll, who did a walk as in a few paces every single morning. or should we wait?
good point, said sponge, we are in win-win here. or lose-lose, for that matter. that just be discussed.
tea everyone, said block of wood. he didn’t say it. he expressed it. there was no tea.

sponge bops along

there we go our party yell, said sponge, were we arrive the party is.
q: fffnn? was there or wasn’t a moment where you saw the next corner and the fact that there was no shop to ease the disappointment a bit.
a: no there wasn’t i swear to gawd.
q: going forward, would you do any different?
bob bob bob along bob along bob along. a-long. silly word.

sponging corners will not work

what if we all sat peacefully together, said sponge. he waited.
that is reporting an internal process. we know how difficult that can be; shall i sing it ——> (makeshift melody): wHat i’hIf wee All sa’Tah ha- peAcefuLly tOgEthAah; but again: we know it does not work that way. he might not have intended to mean it that way, though; although we shouldn’t have phrased it so harshly.

sponge pleas for pleading

that threw us, didn’t it? sponge was matteroffactish, in a way that certainly sought approval but also let room for improvement, well balanced inviting imitation most nominally. we should vote.
for what, said breadroll.
a naked man, said sponge, that is something of meaning. no?
no, said block of wood to have a word in. he has words in every now and then but basically could turn into a chair if it was not for the violence.

sponge wants to be a socialist

we’ve got to get this to work, said sponge, it’s not fair.
(having found the old chocolate vending machine he thought of the days of the upright and standing and those who fought and did not claim back any overtime. that’s off record now, just in case.)
we sincerely want to thank the shock workers brigade, which had to do all this without medication.

sponge, breadroll and block of wood actually do a move or two

Not far to be honest. around the corner that’s it it. pretty much if you consider. around the corner. so well put in frank english. around the corner. i could say this a thousand times if i had to. but not now. a thousand times. around the corner. fnn. i must oppose to the use of the word err wood and —— actually. now actually, and and actually in a title in the public. sorry for having been having to say taht err that.
fading fnn’s and argue about it.

sponge bread and the daily twist

yesterday, the man said, yesterday over 34509 toilets were flushed in moscow alone. i take quite an interest in the amount of toilets being flushed, that’s why i notice these things.
sponge looked at breadroll who had his broader side buttered; that was his way to unwind which firstly was untimely and secondly made a useful discussion on the subject, ahh well whatever, said sponge.

let us write the book of sponge

the book of what? not often have we seen breadroll so surprised. what do you want to do that for?
the same question was put to the man in the coffee shop who wanted to pay later. equally he knew no answer.

sponge points it out

ah well, same shit different day i suppose, said sponge. sometimes life is just it. he did something. not much. it exhausted him. life sometimes is just a thing of its own.
all this was duly taken on board and subsequently approved

sponge is good with people

wet sponges suck, dry sponges bounce. yesterday today tomorrow. tomorrow it always better as it has no day in it that could be bad. you see what it mean.
tomorrow? that what everyone says.
and i agree, said sponge.

sponge eyes

sponge eyes are brown-yellowish. using them correctly will not only enable sponge to spot a speck on the wall but will constitute an exciting new visionary experience in itself.
my eyes are fine said sponge, i am well able of having clear visions.
let get excited, said block of wood.
spontaneously, said breadroll.
they poured tea and added milk.
we haven’t had a meeting in a while, said sponge.

sponge lament

we have issues to discuss and we don’t do it.
we have meeting to attend and we don’t do it.
we have reports to file and we don’t do it.
what are we doing, said sponge.
tea, said block of wood.
yesplease, said sponge.
we are brilliant with the old paper clip, said breadroll.
that’s right actually, said sponge, forgot about that. so, that’s on the positive side then.
3 that in one sentence, said breadroll.
3 in 3, said block of wood.
that’s acceptable, said sponge.

sponge’s speech

there has to be something to do, said sponge, something with a meaning and a bit of purpose on top of top or even on the side, a few tables to populate, a few appointments to discuss, whatever meeting is there to be held and requirements to be met, i and we will hold and meet. Going forward.
that’s soo sweet, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.