spread your wings and learn to tick the right thing

fart. fart, what’s that but a highlighted pee or poo in waiting, not a pee perhaps. i can’t believe anyone wants to know that, said sponge.
the public, after all we are celebrities. says breadroll without meaning it nor clarifying which bit; which bit, said sponge, you know we all tire from time to time. maybe brekst doesn’t but he’s one of those arty types.
sulky silence. just tick yes, we don’t want to cause problems. after all.

spread heat

i love populating spreadsheets, said breadroll.
leave some for others, said sponge.
for me as well, said block of wood.
one day i’ll have my own spreadsheet, said breadroll.
unfortunate outcome of this seemingly innocent incident: mood had dropped while tension had slightly risen.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.