stand up and be counted

here’s the thing: the day has started without delay or complications and is expected to be brought to an end only in the very last minute, give or take a few moments. that is as much as sponge can reveal at this stage. we could say more, says breadroll, but there are rules and regulations. then again that’s just my opinion. there may be other views. within the acceptable limits. there’s also a chair, but we’re not allowed to sit, today.
charity, says sponge.

long lines do not stand for anything at all

————— it is up to me i suppose, said sponge, so say it: the episode started rather without significant events, not even the odd bleak sun was to rise over the roofs. ———
this line for example marks a break, herr brekst said and points vaguely at sponge, between sponge’s part and mine.

long lines stand for something

long lines stand for deep thought in printed media, herr brekst said, to show what’s going on and that it is going on inside people’s heads, or what should go on (nothing, more often than not). it also stands for a longer pause (brackets are popular, too, to express thought). you didn’t think that, did you. ——————— bet you didn’t. ——————— me neither (as in would have thought so(. there you go, wonders everywhere but this episode still strikes me as somewhat unfinished.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.