a start is never easier than a start

was it a good report, said sponge, comments.
tit for tat, said breadroll.
agreed, said block of wood.
it was a long morning; and they struggled to keep busy.

a start is only as good as it gets

a start, said sponge is only as good as the innovative thoughts that drive the continuation to a successful conclusion within competitive business targets. hence we are required to include syllables in the count.
count them?
yes. count them.
are you sure.
we didn’t get any training on syllables though, said breadroll.
not recently anyway, said block of wood.
alright, said sponge, we should mention that in the next meeting. there’s definitely an update.

define: start

protracted silence, prolonged. silence as an outcry for speech.
the beginning of anything: sponge took a piece of paper and wrote down a word. that’s a start, he said.
the time at which something is supposed to begin: he handed the paper to breadroll who wrote down a word as well.
a sudden involuntary movement: breadroll passed the paper on to block of wood. that’s a start, he said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.