remember the first steps

after the motion ban, said sponge, our legs were stiff, we could hardly walk. he said thesewords like someone who is very sure of himself, someone who believes his message should be spread.
i think we had exactly the same episode before, said breadroll.
do you think so, said sponge, is it the message bit?
no, said breadroll, don’t know.

one step at a time

i suppose, said sponge, we’ll have to see …
and that is about it for today.

next step

not yet defined, i should say, said breadroll.
you should actually, said block of wood.
shouldn’t it be agreed on as well, said sponge.
the cold, empty spreadsheet of bleakness appeared on the screen.

next step

and now, sponge said, as we have summarised the week — and duly i should add — we shall proceed with it. in a desirably timely manner.
that’s a good plan, said breadroll.
well, actually, sponge said, there is no plan. we have to make one first.
make one, said block of wood.
yes, sponge said, make one, a plan, quick.
make one, said block of wood. early hours: two words.
a plan, sponge said, we’ve got to think.
think. — harder.
three sunk into nothingness.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.