storyline every now and then a concern

a story we are suppose to tell, said sponge aren’t we. alas the idea did not attract too much support. what d’you need a story for the man said, and feck was the general public’s response. bread and games and fun and sweets is what the general public likes and craves and the general’s will shall be an order; after all we might as well ditch the whole campaign if we weren’t to achieve some brassed medal.

sponge is challenged on his conduct of the storyline but people whose puns involve swaps of letters ay and al are not really experienced in challenging people

that’s like: lame. can we not have a normal story, with a normal setting? no?
no. a normal. as in norman, with an al instead.
i see what you mean. you have a point, and a leg to stand on. phrases. you’ve got to love them.

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