stuff about train people

annabloom is alive, a spraying reads. hardly a mural, says sponge, but it is new. when did that happen. blink to breadroll, a breezelong missing block of wood. every now and then.
breadroll. walks. says nothing. the display is blank. apolises for inconvenience. shortly. wind. who is annabloom. a new mural, tiny.
to tell a joke in the way of train people:
t’pit and supplistrong caused their holy of thould of stong an ove t’yourn and then ream, thou haph, and arsht?
inass indeed, answeet heave clourned him. and the orf said, all on cubime: and arose me flees. no-ah; and with wet, too.

we shall ask why and stuff

q: that was an unnecessary display of of violence in the morning fnnn zwooook if i may say so hotokk mooo uill.
i enjoyed the publicity, said block of wood, even though i personally detest violence. —— brutality yes, violence no. it is that simple if we all work together.
a: i advice you not to ask for music again, song jingle anything.
q: the aversion towardssss music, is that a new trait fnnnn? the presenter has a little white drop of spittle on his upper lips when he speaks.

doing stuff

what are we doing here, said sponge.
not much, said breadroll, we just try to get ahead of things.
block of wood was peeling potatoes.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.