subject to conditions

conditions. what conditions? what did he say? sponge in want of answers and none to come. will he?
that line, as it stands, could be right out of a novel but it ain’t. not even a story. just a sentence, a line. zip. not a novel. will he? what? and who is ‘he’ anyway. sponge would owe us a few answers, whether we get them is another question. we should go for a drink, and leave that punk here, that fungus guy. i’ll buy you one.
these things keep happening. people break into a story and ruin it. the story is over by the time they are gone.

to distract and change subject

yucca tree. morn, two chairs and jar. what the jars were for, block of wood inquired, al;as, the responsible person, the-1-2-tell, was having breakfast, so no avail of a conclusive answer until her brekst arrived, surprinsingly for all of us.
they are for later, he said.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.