does sallytokk suck or swallow

q: who is sallytokk?
a: with regard to given heading i’d like to utter that a swallow, at least in europa, is a badly chosen image fullstop. if one sucks the poison of balance sheets the fangs of an adder will kill him. touch spreadsheets and you shall expand.

but bud sucks

they found bits of the lost episode, said sponge.
who lost it anyway, said breadroll.
some poor sod, said sponge. herr brekst has written a poem to mark the occasion.
herr brekst, please.

three words with different meanings but
words in any case
andso onanon
eyeye shell finfish
on a leather stage

nice, said breadroll, this one.
(alternate ending for this episode: the three white men return as the second white has forgotten something. a brief discussion starts and ends. the three white men leave as nothing has been found.)

© the Book of Sponge and Others.