why not talk big during innovation and on-target demand

the spirit comes not down from above, or below, up then, said sponge, that spirit which is to purify our project, which with its iron besom is to purify the great sty of the department ultimately. pupupurify our essence. our precious fanatically.
and to do that is the task of our movement, said breadroll, the movement must not rust away at this corner, it must not spend itself in superfluous battles of words, but the banner with the white circle and the black dot will be hoisted over the whole of the project on the day which shall mark the liberation of us all.
nicely put, said sponge. i must rest now.

target aiming

we managed to get up this morning, said sponge.
that’s, said breadroll, good.
that’s, said block of wood, positive.
having said that the three sat down and commenced to list breakfast items for further assessment.
what’s the target date, a voice on tv said. no answer. three positioned themselves in a row, sat on chairs, smiled. broad smile, expansive smile. to be reviewed.
we may not get very far, said sponge, this morning, we’ve been further, other morns it twas.

back on target

breadroll, sponge and block of wood: on a bench again.
there’s got to be a meeting somewhere sometime.
i assume we know what we are waiting for, said block of wood.
we do said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.