tea or too

a cup of something would be nice perhaps, said sponge, but well we just for get about it.
shall we, said breadroll, that seems to be more satisfying anyway. we could decide to give up all hope, we would be rewarded.

suppose and think tea

so, said breadroll, what are we going to do now?
well, said sponge. i suppose, he said.
that’ll be a while, said breadroll.
i think so, said block of wood.
they had tea and scones.

tea meeting

in actual fact, said sponge, i have heard they had plenty of meeting while we were away.
we are not there yet, said block of wood.
to be precise, said breadroll, we haven’t even started to walk in factual act.
i know, said sponge, the motion ban. we could go though.
we could, said block of wood.
will we, said breadroll.
we shall, said sponge, after the meeting.
not a man with a sheep again, no?

coff or tee

it did not go down too well, said breadroll, with the birds, they are a bit quiet this morning.
yes, said block of wood, bit quiet.
tea or, said sponge, coffee.
to have a good start in the day they decided to review the layout of the breakfast items on the breakfast table.
coffee would be, said breadroll, great. i’ll have tea. green.

how to tea

sponge was stirring his tea. it is an a art and a source of inspiration, he said, to stir the tea in the right way. not any auld way of stirring would do, tell you that for nothing.
no reply.
sponge stirred his tea in a very concentrated and organised manner. there is no point rushing it, he said, you may as well leave it fullstop if you want to rush it.
block of wood sat down at the table with a cup of coffee.
now that is a completely different matter, he said. you may want to be very careful when stirring it. a delicate thing to do.

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