team temper

there’s one, said block of wood, and another one.
that’s not an item, said breadroll, that’s an issue again.
no, it’s not.
yes it is.
no it isn’t.
yes it is.
guys, said sponge, where is your team spirit.
(in fact he said spiwit as this week’s charity campaign asked to pay two euro and mock people who cannot say their r‘s — no matter how hard they try — neither cAPITAL nor Lowercase.)

no temper

what a rage yesterday, said block of wood.
yeah, when you battered me, pretty impressive, said breadroll.
the world stood still in glo and rwy, said sponge, we should draft a report on that.
they agreed to have a meeting asap.


blokk stalks the house with a bat in his hand. he hurls sponge into the toilet bowl and has a bite of breadroll for joy. a good munch.
sometimes, says sponge, it does help not to flush and get over it.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.